Kamil Rustam is a French guitarist, composer, arranger, songwriter and producer. His musical career has made him known as a prolific musician in many different styles. Kamil was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and moved at an early age to Paris, France where he worked extensively for most of the top pop French artists. In 1985, he was awarded “Producer of the Year” at the prestigious “Les Victoires de la Musique“and the following two years,was nominated  In 1986 and 1987, as”Best Studio Musician” by the same “Les Victoires de la Musique” award. He then moved to Los Angeles, California in 1996, where he has been busy working with the biggest names in the American entertainment industry.


  • May 26 2016 –  Touring in India

    Kamil has been playing in India with Gypsy Sound Revolution. The first show in Bengalore was a big success and Indian superstar Raghav Sachar came on stage for a surprise jam . Here is a picture of that first concert .

  • May 12 2016 –  Kamil uses Earbay Ear-Monitors

    Kamil is a proud endorser and user of Earbay ear-monitors

  • Apr 26 2016 – Dave Chapelle Music & Comedy Night

    Kamil got asked by harmonicist extraordinaire Fred Yonnet to be part of a night of music featuring John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Fred YonnetGoapele, NAS, etc…

    Here is a after show picture with (from left to right) : Hadrien Feraud, John Mayer, Kamil Rustam & Fred Yonnet

  • Feb 3 2016 – Idan Schneor Project

    Kamil is currently producing tracks for upcoming blues singer and guitarist Idan Schneor

    Here is a picture from the sessions with bassist Tim Lefebvre, Drummer Matt Chamberlain, A&R Patrick Smadja (Can you feel it records) and Idan


  • Oct 13 2015 –”Nicki Sessions”

    Kamil has been doing guitars on 4 songs for the upcoming “Nicki Sessions” Featuring Nicki Gonzales on Vocals/ Vinnie Colaiuta on Drums/ Randy Kerber, Ruslan Sirota & Dennis Hamm on Keyboards/ Hadrien Feraud on Bass/ Matvei Sigalov on additional guitars


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Roux Isabelle from deauville France wrote on July 16, 2015:
Bonjour Kamil, ton site est superbe un réel plaisir d'y naviguer ca fait du bien aux oreilles 😉 toutes mes amitiés
Claire LEVEQUE from Paris France wrote on July 10, 2015:
Bonjour Kamil, très beau site, bravo !
Ravie lorsque j’ai appris que Michel Jonasz reprenait une tournée axée sur les années fantastiques d’Uni vers l’Uni et ces fabuleux souvenirs de concerts auxquels j’ai assisté 2 soirs de suite au Palais des Congrès (jamais aucun de ses concerts par la suite n’a eu la même intensité). Mais sans Kamil Rustam ce ne sera jamais la même magie …. ! Pourquoi ces concerts sans vous ?
Énorme regret, j’ai pris ma place avec un pincement nostalgique…. Quand venez-vous jouer en France ?
Bien sincèrement et avec toute mon admiration pour votre talent.
John Caswell from Austin, TX wrote on July 9, 2015:
Hey Kamil, nice website... hope all is well !
André Sahagian from Paris, France wrote on July 9, 2015:
Bonjour Kamil,
Joli site web ! 🙂